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For over 20 years, the Aramake team has been developing and working with the automotive aftermarket bringing the past and future together. Today with our diverse capabilities we are also servicing the custom automotive, motorcycle and business jet industries. Whether you are looking for the most authentic original style or the wildest coolest custom and resto-mod interiors available in the marketplace.

Visit our shop in Moscow to see our best upholstery and other works.

Business luxury van is a special expertise of ours. We are focused at fully equipped ready-to-use cars that are sold in ready condition to the customers.

Hand craftsmanship combined with modern production techniques, yield the maximum quality. Single and multiple needle machines speed accuracy with decorative top and straight stitch sewing, perfecting the authenticity of the restoration. Cut pieces are precisely sewn together with straight and French seams to join the essential parts into subassemblies. During final assembly sewing, workers combine inserts, listing, cordwelt, and subassemblies into completed upholstery kits ready for installation.

We provide services all over the CIS countries. Also, we are able to work with remote clients. Individual inspection assures all customers of quality workmanship, while computerized shipping equipment aids our experienced staff in speeding delivery across the world.